Brokers - That are Credit Friendly

There are a number of brokers that are what we call credit friendly. That is to say that they look after your credit file.

They do this in a number of ways.

First they will be honest with you, and not put your application up to a lender if there is a strong chance that the application will be declined.

Everytime an application is made to a lender, an enquiry is added to your credit file, and this scores against you, especially 2 or more for similiar amounts in a short time frame, because lenders view this as credit shopping.

Secondly they will only put your application to one lender, especially at a time, because putting multiple applications up to different lenders at the same time will definately do more harm than good.

So who are the 'Good" Brokers?

Below is a list of Brokers that are easy to deal with, very successful, and very credit friendly:

Fast Personal Loans and Personal Loans Online are matching services that place your details with a good broker, and for free.

Finance Brokers Australia is a good broker for personal loans, and you can do it all online, across Australia.

Platinum Finance Online is for people who have A1 credit, and will be given Silver Service, and the best rates.

NFC SA is for people living in South Australia, who have Good credit, and after a Car Loan, with the best rates.