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After over a decade in the credit/finance industry Nigel Brookson has developed a quantitative method of explaining what a credit file is with a 'Score Card' and shares the knowledge and process that creditors use when deciding whether to lend their money. Nigel's 6 'C' are the basis for all lending decisions that occur under the uniform consumer credit code (U.C.C.C.).

The 6 'C' of Loan Assessment are:

  • Credit. your past and current performance
  • Capital. assets you own
  • Capacity. can you afford the repayments?
  • Collateral. is security required for the loan?
  • Character. stability in work and home
  • Conditions. outside factors

(More detail will be available on these soon.)
In the ever growing world of credit your credit file is one of the most important items you own.
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