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My Credit File Report provides you with a copy of your Credit File, Credit Score plus a detailed Credit File Report on your Credit Health, explaining how to fix any credit problems and get a loan approval. Credit help & Repair is available.

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Plus a detailed series of steps to FIX & REPAIR any credit problems you have, and advice on how to avoid getting a bad credit file in the future.





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My Credit File Report is where people come to Check Credit reporting data on themselves. Many people due to the Global Financial Credit Crisis have had their income reduced, forcing them to be late on paying the bills, resulting in a Bad Credit Rating. Credit Repair is possible though after a Credit Rating Check to determine the extent and nature of the problem.

People often ask the question; What is My Credit Rating? Your Credit Rating is a score based on the 6 'C' of Credit Assessment that the Banks, and other credit providers use to work out whether you are a good risk. Credit Scoring has been used by not only Lenders for Loans, but for any extension of Credit. People with Credit Problems generally have Credit Defaults, but are not aware that the Credit Information is available to a credit provider when you give your Privacy Consent and Authorisation for them to perform a credit check, and most people have never seen their Credit File, or know what Credit Scores are all about.

It is possible to Fix Bad Credit, by Building Credit carefully, and not applying to lenders to loan money to pay Credit Defaults, as lenders seldom take on other lenders credit defaults.

So How do I check My Credit Rating? and My Credit History?
It's easy, simply order your Credit Report Online and you will receive a copy of your Credit File, and comprehensive Credit Information with Credit Scores, Credit Tips and Credit Help, on how best to Fix Bad Credit Problems.

My Credit Report is the Only Credit Reporting Advice guide of it's kind, and is totally customised to You.

If you wish to Repair Credit, Check Credit History details on your Credit File, there is a Credit Fix solution available to see your Credit Rating Australia wide at My Credit File Report.